Friday, May 17, 2013

Im sorry

im sorry for the tips and stuff, pro ana is stupid and dangerous. Its really not attractive, being healthy is good and much prettier. No matter the reason why you are on this site or any other pro ana site get off it, at the time it seems good but one day you will realise that it is bad.

                                   None of you are ugly, you are all beautiful xxx

Monday, October 31, 2011

tips to avoid depresion

dont cut its not cool please dont
stay happy
dont take anything to seriously
try not to get caught
dont cut out all fats

Think about this

Go onto utube and search anorexia there is more than one child anorexia video. whatch it. could you do what they do. can you fast for as long as they can. with most of you the answer would be no and there only children.
Do you know how much cals you are eating or you calorie intake
do you know how much fat u eat
do you know how much calories you burn
think about these and fix them ill bet you will lose 2-6 pounds if you do

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


1 hey why are you on this site cos your fat? that should be all you need to not eat.
2 dont think smell or go near food
3 you can not be to skinny you can be to fat
4 you can not exersise to much
5 you are probably dumb if you are looking at this site

Saturday, September 10, 2011

hiding it tips

1. put a password on your computer
2. dont tell any one
3.  dont get tips on a shared computer
4.  the only time you eat should be when people are around
5. dont ask a friend if they will purge

Monday, September 5, 2011

purging tips

1. chew your food so much that it almost becomes liquid
2. if you cant purge spin fast for 5 minutes while drinking diet coke
3 it will not harm you all that crap about heart attaks and dying its all fake trust me im not dead am i now
4. make sure you do it in private
5. be carefull that you dont get teeth marks on your hand
6. dont eat chocolate, meat or spycy food they hurt when the come up.
7. be carefull how many calories you intake purging only gets up 80 percent
8. dont tell any of your friends even if they promise not to tell
9 when your purging thonk about how much you hate yourself
10 weigh your self before and after you purge

Thursday, July 7, 2011

not eating tips

1 if you feel like you are going to binge go for a run
2 dont go near the kitchen
3 drink so much water
4 drink water inbetween bites
5 run so much you feel like throwing up
6 make excuses to yourself
7 become vegetarian
8 tell yourself you dont like a certain food
9 go out at a meal time
10 concerntart on people eating